The Galleon Agency
The Galleon Agency

Galleon, (noun):


Large, rugged sailing ships of the 15th through 17th century. Originally developed for war, galleons became synonymous with international trade and commerce. The largest galleons were built by the Spanish and the Portuguese for profitable overseas trade; for more than 250 years they carried gold and silver to the west, raw silk to the east, and helped spread new ideas and culture around the world.


The Galleon Agency is a world-class provider of marketing and design services for the hospitality, tourism, and education industries. We’re proud to service restaurants, hotels, micro breweries, summer camps, theme parks, and anyone that can benefit from a fresh, effective approach to marketing their businesses unique experience.

Ad development and placement | mobile-optimized websites | menus | posters, fliers, and inserts | bottle labels and carriers | radio and television production | brand development | logos and signage | PR | welcome packets | copywriting | t shirts and collateral | brochures| overall marketing strategy and analysis | and more